It might not seem like much but I went outside yesterday and admired my daffodils (it was somewhat cold and windy so not wonderful pictures) AND I cooked dinner. Again, nothing extraordinary but good, simple food. Pork chops with green beans and little red potatoes. Making myself do those two things did help greatly with my mood.

The potatoes were really the star of the show at dinner. Little new red potatoes from Farmer Greg. They were just starting to get a bit tired so I cooked them all. We dumped a LOT of salt in the water and they came out creamy and just barely tasting of salt. Sometimes simple truly is best. I’m thinking the leftovers will make good hash browns.

Here is faithful Bob, guarding his human.

And here he is when Ernie let all the air out of him.

Bob works very hard. He follows Ernie around faithfully. He wakes him up with meows outside our door in the morning and trots after him as he goes downstairs. When Ernie comes upstairs to wake me, and I must admit it sometimes takes several tries, Bob follows him each time, waits for him as he talks to me and then follows him back downstairs. He takes some time off each day to sleep on the heater vent but mostly he can be seen at Ernie’s feet, or his side or slowly following behind. We should all love like Bob does.


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