We got the results of Ernie’s scan over the weekend and of course could not make heads nor tails of them. I sat with them googling and comparing them to results of previous MRI’s. I convinced myself that maybe they looked good. On Monday I wrote the doctor’s office and asked for clarification, er well, translation of them.

Yesterday the nurse wrote back and said Dr. Vasireddy wanted to go over them in person.

Well, hell. That doesn’t sound good.

This all went down as we were waiting for the Derek Chauvin verdict.

I remember vividly the morning Ernie and I headed off to the hospital when I was pregnant with Leo. I was overdue (no surprise to those of you that know Leo. My children’s personalities were clear even in utero) and they had decided to induce labor. We were driving to the hospital on a sunny morning to have our baby (of course Leo just sneered at the Pitocin and I had to go back home and return two days later). I remember being in our little car and just looking around in wonder that everyone was going on about their business like it was a normal day. Not that I expected the world to stop for us but it was a surreal moment to realize that we were going through this intense experience and emotion while the world went on around us.

That’s how I feel sometimes these days. We are on this quiet, sneaky roller coaster and the world goes on around us.

As it should of course. As it should.

2 thoughts on “Quiet sneaky roller coaster

  1. It doesn’t seem right that other people just go about their business as usual whild you are hanging on to the cliff by your fingernails. Hope you have good news soon.