1. Going on a wander entailed wearing a bra. I found that when I reach behind my back to hook it I get a cramp. Yes, it turns out that my bra muscles have atrophied.

2. I’ve decided that I like my scrambled eggs medium rare, just like my salmon.

3. We chucked our Lincoln Highway plans as on Saturday as Ernie was having kind of a rough day. I also didn’t feel well because of an unexpected altercation with a burrito. We lazed around a bit until he felt a tiny bit better and went to a breakfast spot I had chosen. Food wasn’t terrible, pretty good actually but the service was wretched, right down to the badly chipped plate my food was on. The waitress was brand new though and was trying so damn hard that Ernie tipped generously and was charming.

4. I love my Dancing Bear mask. I really don’t want to stop wearing it. I feel like a better Cynthia in it. Every so often, when I’m wearing it, Ernie asks me to twirl just to prove I really am Dancing Bear. So, I do although I don’t know that Birkenstocks are the best for twirling.

5. Oh, and last but not least we ended up staying at a truly odd hotel the second night. I get what they were going for and can ONLY imagine how many Pinterest boards went into the design but sometimes there’s a reason chains have corporate designers. Anyway, there was a full refrigerator in the room but when Ernie saw the ice cube tray he couldn’t stop laughing. I love him. He put his phone their for size.


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