We planned to hit the Lincoln Highway for a ways on our trip. I looked up distances and saw Davenport was 5+ hours from so I booked a hotel there. I commented to Ernie that I didn’t think Davenport was that far but in our exhausted giddiness we just shrugged our shoulders. Of course, once we got out on the road I realized that I’d had my Google Maps set to ‘avoid highways.’ That was fine, it gave us time to wander slowly up there. We took a few pictures on the way but the exhaustion started to hit us. We’d gotten a good deal on a nice hotel so we happily checked in. They had a bar, but as with most new hotel bars, it was bright and in the lobby. I miss dark hotel bars. Instead, we curled up in our room and drank some wine. I attempted to find an online menu for their restaurant but I was too tired to figure it out. We feasted on chips and watched not just a Hallmark movie, not just a Christmas Hallmark movie, but a Christmas Hallmark movie that WE HAD WATCHED BEFORE. That’s exhaustion, folks. That is utter exhaustion.

looking ahead through the windshield…felt so good

One thought on “The Relief Wander Day One

  1. Glad you got to wander. The grey farmhouse with the “lace” caught my eye, as did the brick building that came next. That photo made me a little sad–all that careful brickwork, only to have the building become unwanted and neglected years later.