I was so disappointed that we had to cancel our Mother’s Day wander. I was really excited about a couple of spots. Not to be though. Sometimes I don’t mind wandering in rain but I wanted decent pictures of a few things so it made sense to cancel.

The boys kindly offered to help clean up the area where I plant my zinnias as they know that’s important to me. Given today’s forecast, they did it yesterday. Somehow, I didn’t think it would really all get done but they got out there and worked and it was just glorious. Between my spinal stenosis and Ernie’s EVERTHING we are not tons of use out there. We ended up sitting and watching them and I asked them, “When did we get this old?” They just smiled and kept working. At one point Leo paused and said, “When we move out, this STOPS.” I laughed and said I guess I wouldn’t ever help him when he moved out and he said, “Well, no, you’ll be too busy doing this,” and gave me his signature smirk. Damn, I just love those boys so much.

It started getting warm in the sun and Ernie commented that if summer were like this all season he’d be happy. I checked my phone and it was 57 degrees. I said, “Uh, honey, I’ve got bad news…”

Daisy supervised and watched them put in the little metal fence around it as one of her favorite things is digging. I asked Ernie if he remembered reading the boys the book, The Digging-est Dog when they were little. He didn’t but I think of it every time I see one of Daisy’s holes. She’s so good though, I don’t mind. Trinity says I’m blind to Daisy’s faults but I said it’s because she’s our granddog and grandparents always think their grand uh things are perfect.

I sat there watching them plant and I swear I felt happier than I have in a long time. Ernie brought out water for them and tea for me. Daisy slept because evidently watching them work was exhausting.

Later Owen trundled off to work and Leo went up and did Leo stuff. Ernie and I had a glass of wine, watched a bit of tv and then made a fantastic dinner. We’d gotten a huge bunch of chard from Farmer Greg so I stripped the leaves off and chopped up the stems. Ernie’d gotten one piece of steak at the store. He sliced that up and I quickly cooked it, set it aside. Threw the stems in the pan, cooked for a few minutes, added a good handful of sugar snap peas, cooked a few more minutes, added the greens and cooked until wilted. I tossed the steak back in, seasoned generously with salt and pepper and hot sauce. It was heavenly. Simple, clean flavors. We had rice to serve with it but we both skipped it, just didn’t need it.

The rain started to fall and I could feel my seeds soaking it in. Mother’s Day is today, but no matter how nice, it can’t possibly match yesterday.

Thanks to my sweet peas.

6 thoughts on “And then the Mother’s Day Gods parted the clouds

  1. The boys are so BIG!!!!!!! How did that happen? They’re supposed to be cute little blond things!!!!!!!!!