I was excited to cook our dinner last night. On Monday, the day after Mother’s Day I might note, I splurged and ordered swordfish. It was very expensive but it was MSC certified (so considered sustainable) and I adore swordfish and rarely have it, so I went for it and ordered some. I found a recipe that looked good…from Alison Roman’s Dining In. I left out the garlic, of course, but thought I had everything else for it. Once I started cooking I found that the jar of capers in the refrigerator was but a memory but fortunately we had a jar of green olives. Ernie even found some fresh oregano in the yard!

It’s a quick and simple recipe, basically searing the swordfish for a few minutes, then adding butter, green olives, anchovies and fresh oregano for a browned butter sauce. Oh, and I upped the anchovies!

Click picture for the recipe

It looked gorgeous. We didn’t think it really needed anything else so just served it over a bed of lightly dressed salad greens. I took a bite and went, “eh.” The recipe I think is fabulous and will do again and I think we cooked it well. We first took it out and it was way too rare so let it just go a bit longer. The problem was that it was just kind of mealy. Swordfish usually has such a firm texture. It was just….eh. I was ridiculously disappointed. I certainly won’t splurge on that again.

However, at least I found a good recipe, and shortly after that Owen showed up to tell us all about his adventures with his new VW engine, and then Leo came home and told us all about HIS adventures following train rerouting going on because of the train derailment in Pesotum. I love those moments when these two men stand there in our little room. You can see Leo giving me the exasperated look in the middle picture. “Mom, why are you taking a picture?” “Because my two beautiful boys are standing in front of me!” They just completely ignored that statement.


2 thoughts on “Fish Expectations

  1. LOVE Leo’s expression!!!! He does put up with you so well. Owen’s expression in the last picture is pretty good too!!!!😂😂😂