We took off midday on Friday for Louisville. We took the highway to Indianapolis, one of my least favorite stretches of highway. I suppose because it is often the first or last bit of a trip when we’re on a trip east but it is just unutterably boring. It was wretched weather for driving too. It rained hard, on and off the whole way. Ugh. Once we hit Indy we turned south, stopping in Whiteland for the Wishing Well Motel.

We moseyed on in the pouring rain. Given the weather we decided to give up on the older road and just get on the highway. It may not have been the best idea given all the holiday traffic, and as we got into Louisville, rush hour traffic as well. We probably only drove about five hours, but it was a long five hours somehow. We were happy to get to our hotel. We’d gotten a million recommendations for places but we were happy to just stay put. There was a nice restaurant, Charr’d, in our hotel. We went down and sat at…the BAR! Yes, we actually sat at a bar. It felt strange and delightful at the same time.

We sat there and chatted and got some food to bring back to our room. We curled up, watched some tv, nibbled and made plans for the next day. It felt so good.

Saturday we got up and headed for breakfast at the Twig and Leaf. Oh, and yes, it was an absolutely terrible day for taking pictures. The forecast had been ‘partly cloudy’. Ok. Nope, it was misty and drizzling…

Breakfast was fine, service was friendly and quick, and we sat by the window that said, “Tops in… Evidently ‘Food’ was gone. However the neon sign still said “Tops in Food” and I can’t argue with neon. Lots more to follow….