Perhaps I’ve kicked the Mother’s Day curse. Mother’s Day, for all it can be a lovely day, can also be fraught with expectations or sadness for a lot of folks. However, perhaps we have cracked the code as the last several have been quite nice. It was a quiet day but that was fine with me. We’d tossed around the idea of going out to dinner after Owen got home from work but Ernie was having a not-so-great day so we skipped it. Owen ran and got Ernie some egg drop soup and I ordered some food for me. We curled up, watched some cooking shows and I went up to bed early and read for a few hours curled up under a quilt. It may not sound exciting but honestly, it was lovely.

Today I had a hard time waking up as I was coming out of a bad dream. One of my stress dreams is not being able to find my parked car and not even being able to tell others what it looks like. This morning I had the mother of all versions of that dream, complete with father with Alzheimer’s alongside me and all sort of other horrible moments. There were some neon signs and antique furniture included but not enough to make it hard to shake the dream when I woke up.

However now it’s bright outside and Owen and Ernie (who fortunately is feeling much better) are heading out for a long drive to get some stuff for the bug. Leo’s at work and it looks like I might be by MYSELF for the afternoon. Well, me and Hattie and Bob and Rascal and Daisy but you know what I mean.

Onward with the week.