The chicken in this looks heavily battered but it’s really a light coating of cornstarch with curry powder (because I was out of turmeric) and salt. Then a quick sauce of honey, water, red pepper flakes and black pepper. Click the picture for the recipe.

I didn’t realize until I uploaded these pictures how much asparagus we’ve been eating. Not surprising though, when it’s in season we just adore it. I do need to be careful as it can be high fodmap in large quantities. I went through the Monash Fodmap app the other day and sighed. The fodmap thing is so NON-intuitive. Regular cabbage? Yes. Savoy cabbage? No. I try to balance it all out but sometimes, you gotta go for it.

Samin Nosrat’s Buttermilk Chicken is stupidly simple and worthy of all the raves it gets. And sometimes simple is really good. Click picture for recipe.

I swear I’m trying to order out less, but once in a while, gluten-free Papa Del’s with sausage and green olives calls to me. And if you get gluten-free, you must get the crust extra well done. Just a tip from me to you. I do wish Papa Del’s had a few more ingredients. Jalapenos anyone? Banana peppers?

Ok, the side dish on this was a disaster. I should have blanched the kale…it was really bitter. Oh well, can’t win them all. The salmon though, the salmon was perfection. My BIL Dennis had sent me a link (click the picture for it) about a 15-minute cure of salt and sugar for fish. I tried it and while who knows how the salmon would have been without it, but it was remarkably good. Just ate the leftovers for breakfast and wow.

Tonight? Damned if I know. I guess I need to go poke around the refrigerator when I’m done working.