I’m giddy with excitement about going on a wander this weekend. This one isn’t a wander as much as a hunt as I have drawn up a map of about forty signs I want to check out. Sometimes we wander without a planned route, sometimes we hunt.

I asked for Louisville recommendations on Facebook and got some good ones, but let’s face it, after a day of doing this we’ll mostly likely collapse in our hotel room and order food. I always like obsessively planning for possibilities though. We’re taking off tomorrow afternoon and will pretty much head straight there on highways, with at least one stop south of Indianapolis for a particularly nice motel sign I’ve been wanting. Hopefully it’s still there. Every time we go there are fewer and fewer signs.

He just sat there and wouldn’t move, Daisy and I had to squeeze past him.

Last night’s dinner. We had some chicken thighs from Triple S and some from the grocery store. What a difference in size, fat, texture and who knows what else. Just amazing. Yes, I took the Triple S ones. Served it with a batch of slightly wilted but still delicious Swiss chard with a bit of leftover rice and red pepper flakes thrown in. Oh, and the chicken was my curried oven fried chicken (Penzey’s sweet curry powder, turmeric, cayenne, cumin and cornstarch).