I love these single white peonies that bloom after the peach ones fade. They seem to stand up to the heat a tiny bit better.

Thank God for friends who get me out of the house! We spent a couple of hours with folks yesterday, drinking and eating and laughing about music and old stories. We got home as it was just heading toward dusk. I felt so good but I was tired. As I told Ernie, I think my social muscles were tired. A very, very good tired, but tired just the same. It’s gonna take some getting used to going out again. We stayed up and chatted and watched a bit of tv and then he headed up to bed. I went and curled up on the red couch with Rascal and read on my phone for a while in the dark as I’ve been doing lately. It felt good.

My little border along the alley becomes all purple and white and green after the peach peonies and the poppies fade. I need to think about some other early color. Once summer comes my zinnias will take over all other colors of course but until then…