I worked yesterday morning but as it got closer to our appointment time at the Cancer Center my productivity started to go down. We left the house a bit after noon and headed over. The parking lot seemed strangely empty so I did my best Dancing Bear twirl yet (or so Ernie said). Ernie got his blood drawn from his port and then we headed to the Starbucks in the South Clinic lobby. I again found myself puzzled why the tables were so close together in the big lobby and each had two chairs with a sign saying only one person should sit at each table. I shook my head and sat on the surprisingly uncomfortable stool and sipped my bottled water as the only iced tea they had was bottled raspberry or sweet tea. Sigh. We headed back to the Cancer Center early as sometimes we get called in a bit early on these days. No such luck. I guess our beloved Vasireddy was running behind as we sat and sat and sat. Finally got called in and of course, we absolutely adore Dr. Vasireddy so it makes us happy to see him despite the reason we’re there. Ernie’s tests looked good. We weren’t all that worried about this since he had just had the MRI but it is still a relief. Then I headed back to the waiting room so he could go get his injection in the infusion suite. Nothing was particularly hard or stressful but by the time we pulled into our driveway it had been almost four hours and we both felt exhausted. It was this long: our peony bloomed while we were there.

We had made plans to go out to dinner, all five of us, and I almost wavered as I was so tired. It felt like the right thing to do though. We’d gotten a small check from Judi’s publisher so we used it to take the whole family out and celebrate. Celebrate what? I don’t know but it felt celebratory. Of course, we went to our beloved Esquire. It’s still a little strange without the bar stools, etc. but we crowded around a table and ate and drank and laughed and it felt SO good. Saw folks we hadn’t seen in ages and it felt almost…normal. It felt joyous.


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