Anybody else feel grumpy that it’s Monday? Grumpy because you have lots to do and don’t feel like doing anything? I certainly do.

My eyes are driving me crazy too. I have terribly dry eyes which is why they are always watering. Went to the eye doctor because I was sure I needed a new prescription but he told me my eyes had hardly changed. He also told me that any allergy medicine would make my dry eyes worse. I had been wondering if that would help. So, I’m supposed to use eye drops every hour. Eh.

Owen’s got a cold, the first cold any of us have had in quite some time.

Ok, this is a whiny post. Sorry. I’m mostly posting so I can share this picture of Rascal and my dinner last night. Crispy skinned salmon cooked in a bit of my anchovy/green olive butter with a salad of greens, cucumber, raw corn and avocado. Just dressed with olive oil and salt and pepper. It was wonderful.

Ok, that’s all I got. I’m off to de-grump. Hope are able to de-grump if necessary.