Starting with hate.

1. Carle billing, how I loathe thee

2. The price of printer ink cartridges

3. The gummy feeling my stair railing gets in humid weather

4. The fact that we’ve lived here 20+ years and have never replaced the ragged window shades in this office

5. Garter snakes, and don’t come at me with that, “they’re more scared of you than you are of them.” How the hell do you know how scared that snake is? There are no Scoville ratings for fear. I call bullshit.

6. The fact that is getting into the upper 80s this week and my spring flowers are going to freaking fry.

Continuing with love

1. Pouring rain outside while Ernie sits by the turntable with a stack of 45s

2. The fact that Bob faithfully follows Ernie all over the house, upstairs and down.

3. Making a batch of my gruel when Ernie isn’t feeling well.

4. My allium. As the years go by, they are smaller but there are many more of them and they make me happy every time I see them.

5. This picture of Owen, Trinity and the Bug’s engine in our decrepit garage.

6. The sweet peas.

Ok, that last one was kind of a cheat as everyone knows I adore them, but for the sake of balance, I was trying to come up with as many things I love as I did hate. I gotta admit, sadly, that it was harder to come up with love than hate today. Some days are just like that. I feel like I need a nap even though there’s no good reason I should be tired. I think I’ve just the pandemic languishing thing going on. I will try to force myself to get out or do something fun this week. Overall, things are fine….just a sleepy, warm morning. Love to all.