Yesterday I went up to my office to get ready for a Zoom meeting and I thought to myself, “I feel weary.” A funny phrase to use. I surprised myself. But I did feel weary. I was so tired and I don’t really know why. The word ‘weary’ seems to encompass emotional as well as physical tiredness and I suppose that’s why it felt right. I’m trying to get ready to crawl out from the hole we’ve all been in, but it’s going to take some adjustment. I have lots of stress dreams…things that turn into disasters. Last night’s was a David Olney memorial which was wonderful but crowded. I got to hug Sergio although he had very short hair. But it turned into a disaster with HUGE bulls running through the streets. We had to go inside my sister’s Rogers Park apartment and she was pissed as she was trying to study. Not a bad dream, per se, but left me unsettled and anxious when I woke up.

Fortunately, Ernie always understands how I feel. During our traditional only-after-noon question about what we’re having for dinner, we both opted for something very simple. A salad or the like. That evening, we were deeply entrenched in Season Five of MasterChef Australia (I ❤️ Matt Preston) when we realized it was getting late. We went into the kitchen. I pulled out some leftover broccoli (so grateful for saying, “Oh, I should just cook it all,” the previous night) and cut it up on a plate and added some halved cherry tomatoes. A drizzle of olive oil and some salt. Then Ernie topped it with a couple of fried eggs, sunny side up. Yes, I know, I’m normally more of an over easy girl, but sunny side up is so much prettier.

It was an utterly perfect dinner and took about five minutes to make. Simple. Clean. Comforting.