Despite the lousy weather, we had a wonderful, albeit exhausting, day driving all over Louisville.

Nice, huh? Right across from a small airport.
The store is gone, but the sign remains.
I don’t usually take pictures of bowling alleys for some reason, but this one just cracked me up. Not ‘Bowling is Fun,’ as one might think. No, the much more thought provoking, ‘Fun is Bowling.’ Admirable.
Another restaurant is there, but they still use the sign. Nice.
You gotta love it for the ‘no coils,’ reportedly an old way of cooling beer. We stopped and had a drink because we were almost done for the day and needed a break. My wine was nice and cold so I wouldn’t have cared how the hell they cooled it.
I know this doesn’t show the sign that well, but I liked all the textures of the wires, chains and mesh.

There are a few more but I’ll save them for a different post. We got back to hotel and completely collapsed. I was so tired I could barely move. My innocent, hopeful plans for the evening vanished. Instead we flopped in the cool, clean motel, watched two, count ’em, TWO Hallmark movies, drank wine and ordered some food from a chain called Jason’s Deli. The food turned out to be amazingly good. I eat a hell of a lot of salads on these trips and this one was head and shoulders above many more expensive ones I’ve had.

And now I’ll leave you with might be my very favorite sign of the day. Simple and direct: Whiskey By The Drink.