1.The other night I made some slightly caustic comment about a commercial and Ernie sad, “Yes, Heather.” I was so proud. It’s not easy to meet Heather Munson standards.

2. We’ve been home six days since our wander and our overnight bag is still on the living room couch. How long will it stay there? This can be like when Rob Arrol was making people guess when his neighbor’s Christmas lights would come down. Or was it their tree?

3. This sign had no neon on it, but it was rather smitten with it. The New White Steamer, Inc. It just sounds so GRAND and hopeful. Washington, Indiana.

4. Last night, I found some slightly beleaguered asparagus in our refrigerator. It’s a crime to not eat it right away, but there you go. It happens. So I cut off the tired tips and dry ends and threw the rest in a pot of salted boiling water. I cooked it just until done then cooled it and did the same with the last of a bag of frozen peas. I whizzed it all up in the food processor. Later when we were ready to eat all I had to do was sear some scallops, warm up the puree and finish it with a little lemon juice, salt, a bit of the vegetable cooking water and some butter. Someone with plating skills could have made this look really beautiful. Oh, and a bit of fresh mint on top! Honestly, the scallops were good but the puree won the plate.

5. I liked everything about this little barber shop. Note the Christmas lights and bird feeder on the porch. There was a big Voyles Store sign on the attached building.


2 thoughts on “Random Notes from the Sandwich Life

  1. Love your musings they make even the simplest things sound like a real adventure👍💕. I will never think of asparagus the same way again! 😂