Bad news: The AC isn’t working.

Good news: the AC person is already here.

Unknown: how much this will cost. UPDATED: Bless you warranty!!!

Good news: I am eating leftover sausage and anchovy pizza for breakfast (thank you, Bill and Carrie). This was my first pizza during my new anchovy exploration period and it was a hit (with me anyway).

Owen and Ernie singing Kinks songs together. Rascal observes.
A piece of mail Owen set aside to ask me about. I can’t tell you how much that “Show Mom” thrilled me. I am still relevant to him! I still have a role! Fortunately, I was able to tell him it was nothing to worry about.
Last night’s snacks. Again, love to Bill and Carrie for delightful birthday gifts for the boy.
I don’t know if Bob is depressed or just exhausted.
some lovely neon in Louisville

Last but certainly not least, heartfelt thanks to Teri and Brian for hosting a birthday party for Ernie over the weekend. He felt loved. Despite the fact that the birthday boy isn’t in this picture, this is still my favorite shot of the evening. Laughing with my family.


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