1. I seem to be posting a lot of food photos. I guess that means I’m staying in my house too much.
  2. I did have lunch with my beloved Renee Pollock the other day and that felt wonderful. Bonded forever.
  3. I pushed myself too much recently so my spinal stenosis is really flaring up. I need to be more careful about that because one semi-clean litter box was not worth all this pain. On top of that I guess I got out of whack with my eating as I was down for the count yesterday. Most of the time I think I’ve got this food sensitivity thing figured out, but every so often it still surprises me.
  4. We finally went and bought the plants for our window boxes. Yeah, we’re a good 6-8 weeks late but we did it. Now we just have to actually get them in the window boxes. Baby steps, baby steps.
  5. Another damned MRI for Ernie on Thursday. We’ll see what it says.
  6. Another letter about the grant for his chemo. We always freak out when we get these but then we call the doctor’s offiice and they reassure us.
  7. How helpful is it to get a voicemail from Health Alliance saying they’ve made a decision and will be mailing you a letter? Not what decision, or related to what issue…just a decision about, you know, you.

Ok, now some pictures

I tried using the last of the bourbon cherry sauce with salmon. Stunningly good.
Father’s Day dinner…grilled burgers, potato salad and grilled asparagus.
Bob gives Ernie a little Father’s Day love
An open window, Bob, the NYT crossword and a pen. Oh, and a Jon Byrd t-shirt. That’s my boy.