Deep underneath I’m in kind of a bad mood, but the top layer of me is feeling very cheerful because I just spent some time talking to my beloved Ann Rasmus and she always makes me feel more myself.

Underneath I’m in a bad mood because Ernie’s MRI results are confusing and not necessarily great. If I am understanding them correctly (waiting to hear back from the doctor), his poor wretched lower spine is so incredibly fucked up from tumors, radiation and arthritis that it’s hard to tell if his tumor is recurring or not. And his PSA has never been a good marker as it is for some folks. So, yeah. Fucking cancer.

Despite all that, Bob is on duty, so all is ok. He patiently follows Ernie around the house. Here he is waiting for his next orders.

Last night I had various plans for dinner but when we got close, Ernie went with a ham sandwich (we love the Ham for Two from the Meat Lab), which I eyed jealously but I ended up quite happy with bowl of popcorn. I sprinkled some of my favorite, Penzey’s Sweet Curry Powder, in with the oil and it was delightful.

Leo’s latest missive from the UP. Damn, I love him.

There was just a bit of thunder yesterday but it scared our sweet Daisy so that I found under our sideboard, huddled against the wall. Interestingly, it’s the same spot Bob goes to when Rascal harasses him too much. Poor sweet peas.

That’s all I’ve got. Onward.

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