Eating gluten-free (or technically just extremely low gluten) isn’t the worst thing in the world. Eating low fodmap is trickier because you have to avoid onion and garlic and that is in seemingly everything. I have gluten free pizza occasionally but I don’t do tons of gluten free bread because well, sometimes it tastes like nothing. Once in a while though, I just want a damn sandwich. I want to march into a restaurant and order a sandwich. I want to sit down and eat my sandwich and think, “DAMN, that was a good sandwich.” But generally that doesn’t happen. Today though? Today for breakfast I had a hell of a good sandwich.

I have some rolls (Against the Grain in the freezer aisle) I get occasionally that are really good. They have cheese in them (although it took me a long time to figure that out) and that bit of chew from the cheese replicates the tear of a nice piece of gluten-y bread. So for breakfast, Ernie warmed one of those up and put one of my salmon-quinoa patties on it with a schmear of mayo and lo and behold, it was a SANDWICH. A bit of crunchy lettuce might have put it over the top. It just tasted like a delicious sandwich.

And that was good enough to make it a good day.