I really didn’t plan well enough for Ernie’s birthday so the poor man had to run to the store and do some of the cooking himself. Sorry, baby. He smoked a pork shoulder on his new grill and started the potato salad. Oh well. I had a super busy day but when Owen and Trinity were here in the late afternoon I did manage to sneak him away for a drink at Fries and Peanuts. It felt SO good! He sat and looked at all the birthday greetings on his phone, got a call from our beloved Pat Dailey and we just kind of sat and chatted. It was lovely. We came home and relaxed for a bit before gathering the troops for dinner. I love our little tribe. Afterwards the boys and Trinity cleared the table. Leo wandered off but Trinity and Owen stayed and cleaned up the kitchen. Ernie and I just sat at the table in the candlelight watching them and smiling at each other.

“Mom, really? A picture?”
Ernie protectively huddling with the last of the potato salad.

One thought on “The Birthday

  1. I huddle with potato salad, too. It’s one of my food groups. Happy day after your birthday, Ernie.