The moving process started on Friday but it is, shall we say, a sloooowwww process. They are starting to get settled though. I think today they will finally bring Daisy and Rascal over (sniff, sniff). We’ll send Rascal’s favorite blanket with him. I’m gonna miss the big lug. Sigh.

Highlight of an oddly emotional weekend? Seeing my beloved Sarah Eckhardt and family. So beautiful and brilliant…every last one of them. Sadly, we didn’t make it to the Jason show. Ernie just wasn’t feeling up to it. We’re hanging in there though.

It was a “sure stirring up some ghosts for me” kind of weekend. Not bad, mind you, but gave me lots to think about.

Now some random shots.

I guess he’s not truly moved out if his shoes are in the middle of the kitchen when he’s not home.
Some things don’t change.
My beloved looking dapper. Bark representing.
Dinner last night. Zucchini and green beans courtesy Heather and Steve, cherry tomatoes courtesy Farmer Greg, scallops courtesy Aldi and corn courtesy Scnuck’s. Oh, and basil courtesy my front porch window box.
Bob and Ernie communing while I try to wake up.


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