Despite the comfortable bed and my tiredness, I didn’t sleep well so I was a bit bleary in the morning and we got a slow start. As I was lying in bed Ernie mentioned there was supposed to a Proud Boys rally in downtown. Good Lord. We headed to Wolfgang’s for breakfast, per a couple of recommendations but our slow start backfired on us and there was a long line out the door. We decided we weren’t up for that so I tried to find another place and then we couldn’t find a place to park and we started to get cross with each other. We pulled over, calmed down and made a new plan. We knocked a few signs off our list and then stopped at Fat Boy Burgers and had an excellent breakfast. Damned uncomfortable chairs which made my spinal stenosis flare for the rest of the weekend but the hash browns may have been worth it. They were out of sausage (!) so I went with bacon and although I’m usually Team Chewy Bacon, they could inspire me to convert to Team Crispy Bacon. The service was slow but I heard them say they were short staffed so we understood. If the burgers are as good as their breakfasts, we may have to go back some day.

We wandered on (more to come in later posts). Eventually we headed back downtown (the Proud Boys rally was a bust) and went to the Anchor Bar for a drink. It seemed like a pretty serious day drinking kind of place. Not that we weren’t there for a drink, mind you, but the folks at the bar seemed a tad more committed to it.

Ernie went to the bathroom at one point and a tipsy gentleman wearing a fedora asked him if he’d had his hair just done, how he got it that way. Ernie told him it was his post-chemo hair and the gentleman said, “What, you play keyboards?” Ernie finally got it across that he had cancer and had lost his hair and it had grown back this way. Not sure if the guy understood but there was really no place for the conversation to go so Ernie left and came back to our tiny little booth. We were highly entertained. Eventually, we accepted the fact that we just weren’t going to get a picture of it at dusk, as it deserved, so we began to trundle back to our hotel, stopping to see the stunning Meyer May house by Frank Lloyd Wright on the way.

More to come.

Oh, yeah, and I am always tickled to see this guy. When we lived in Michigan I always thought he looked like a dinosaur. Either way, I adore him. Pizza, pizza.