1.POOR Daisy girl. She got back home after having her heartworm injections and OMG was she sad. She wouldn’t even look at Owen on the ride home. We got her onto her favorite spot on the couch (I realize that some people don’t want their dogs on the furniture, but whenever I see Daisy on the floor I say, “What are you doing, girl? Get up here on the couch”) and she just laid there whimpering and trembling a bit and unable to get comfortable. Later we couldn’t get her to come into the media room with Ernie and me as she usually does. I went to check on her and when I put my hand on her to see if she was still trembling she yelped in pain. I felt so horrible that I cried. Later she did come in with us and eventually, once Trinity was home she slowly made her way upstairs. She’s a bit better today but we’re trying to baby her all we can. She is loved.

2. Hattie also went to the vet and she GAINED A POUND!! She also got shaved a bit and seems to feel good. Her wound healed up well. Poor girl, I totally ignored her in all her shaved ignominy. I told her I was sorry, that normally she was number one, but today Daisy outranked her. She took it well.

3. Dry eye update. I have a wretched case of dry eyes, which I have complained about in the past, no doubt. Conversely, it makes them water constantly and goop up and feel grainy. Last time I went to the eye doctor, he (and somebody here as well, although I can’t recall who off the top of my head) recommended some supplements. I’ve been taking them for about a month and they have actually helped more than I expected. It’s Mega Red Fish Krill Oil tablets or something like that. It doesn’t fix it but I’m not waking up in the night not able to sleep because I feel like I have sand under my eyelids anymore. Not perfect, but I’ll take it! Just thought I’d mention it in case anyone else is dealing with it.

4. Weirdly, we ordered pizza last night because ERNIE wanted it. He’s not usually the instigator. I didn’t argue. I got my standard gluten free with sausage and black olive (I tend to alternate between green and black olives, with occasional forays into pepperoncini and anchovy) extra well-done. It wasn’t as well done as I would have wished so I tried crisping up the leftovers this morning. I’ve read that the best way to heat up pizza is in a skillet. I gave it a try but I kinda forgot about it. Whoops. You know what though? Even a bit burnt, it was GOOD! The crust got super crispy and it was warmed up and the cheese was melty but not in that greasy way. Sweet victory. Well, kinda.

5. We sat and looked at all the photos Leo took in the UP last night. Oh, man, I can’t wait until he edits them and writes them up. There are some absolutely stunning shots. I’m glad he’s back home though. Not sure I like him scrambling around abandoned mines filled with water. Although I think those freak him out as much as they do me so I know he’s careful. Damn, I love that boy. Um, man.

6. Last, but definitely not least, Bob is off to the vet today as Vet Week continues here at the Blackwelder/Voelkl/Shanks house. I think he’s lost some weight and may have been peeing more so I’m a bit worried. We’ll see. Send good thoughts, because, hell, he’s Bob.


3 thoughts on “Random notes from the Sandwich Life

  1. Leo will always be your boy!!!!!! I still think he’s shaking his fist at the ocean yelling “Do you want a piece of me?”💖😂💖😂💖