Heather took that picture above and I think it’s the best photo ever taken in our front yard on the Fourth. It was a lovely, relaxed day. So relaxed that I didn’t put a bra on or start prepping food until the first person came walking up the alley. I also didn’t cover my bare arms with sleeves as I usually do. The hell with it, I thought, in theory these people all love me. It was that kind of night. I love my family of friends so much and my neighborhood that goes crazy with fireworks. Ok, it was a little too close at moments, two people had something land on them. That was from a new entrant in the fireworks though, not our old standby on Edwin.

I didn’t do much food although fortunately everyone brought great stuff. I was going to make a quinoa salad but then I realized that would entail making quinoa so instead I just cut up a bowl of cherry tomatoes and added cubed feta, a few capers, some oregano and a lot of parsley with some olive oil and salt. I put out two bowls of potato chips. One Ruffles, one old-fashioned Lays. It was a competition of sorts and I’m sad to announce that my bowl lost to the Ruffles. I don’t care. Love live Lays.

Daisy was a champ and was her charming, albeit slightly drugged up, self. I love that girl.

Thanks to our beloved Brian for taking over the grilling. The heat was just too much for Ernie. I gotta start taking that into account and planning better. Thanks to Eva (and Heather) for passing out the glows ticks. Thanks to the temperature gods for making it cool down so it was lovely sitting outside. Thanks to Bob Rasmus for seriously believing they don’t have mosquitos in Urbana.

Oh, and since I had posted on Facebook that everyone that came had to pull a weed, my yard is looking a bit better!

I love my friends. Happy Fourth. Happy Fifth. I have no plans for today other than maybe rearranging the chairs in the front yard, reading a novel, watching MasterChef Australia and eating leftover bratwurst.


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2 thoughts on “The Fourth

  1. Yes to leftover bratwurst. I had mine for lunch. I need some weed control, will have to try your method!