Leo got back from his trip to the UP last night. It was after 10 and I was in bed reading. I’d given him strict instructions to come see me when he got home, so he came in and sat on the side of the bed. I was so happy to see him (he left early Saturday) and gave him a big hug. I know he’s not my baby anymore as when I hug him I can feel the stubble on his chin but you know, he’ll always be my baby. We sat in the dark and talked and he showed me some pictures and video from the trip. He finally managed to catch the engine he’d gone to see the morning he left so he was pretty happy. I love the thought of him traipsing through the forest to get good shots and driving down dirt roads. My sweet pea.

Even if you’re not a train fanatic, you should follow him on Flickr just for the descriptions he writes for his photos. Or his blog, of course.

The picture above is of a 1942 freighter at the Marquette ore dock. It’s not edited yet, probably wouldn’t approve of this but I’ll put up for now.