I’m feeling a bit better finally. Ernie’s had this too, although not quite as bad. He says it’s due to his innovative treatment of Zicam, weed and wine. In fact, we both felt lousy enough that we went and got COVID tests yesterday but they were thankfully negative.

I hadn’t gotten a COVID test in ages. You now have to start an account at rebrand.ly/idph and then schedule your appointment. This would have been much easier to do from home rather than sitting in our car with Ernie getting impatient and me periodically grabbing his phone to take over. So, just a tip. The people were lovely and patient though. We went around 1:00 yesterday afternoon and had our results first thing this morning. A women also gave us a flyer on community health pandemic assistance. They’re working through Frances Nelson, I believe, and can help with delivering medication, connecting people with other resources and programs and services. I thought I’d just mention it in case anyone knows someone who might need some help. There’s more info at helpguidethrive.org or 217-356-1558.

In the end, sleep, good food and most importantly, a visit from Owen and Trinity, all helped.

I texted Owen yesterday evening to say that this was the longest I’d ever been away from him and I missed him but that he shouldn’t come over as Ernie and I were sick. He texted back saying he was on his way so he’d just wear a mask.

Can you possibly imagine how happy this made me? After a bit he went and picked Trinity up from work so I got to see her too. And then they started their laundry. I hope they never get a washer and dryer.

Our brilliant and beloved Susan spent a lot of time in our yard recently so there’s actually a clear path to the alley and she got rid of a ton of weeds. She is amazing. As I walked to the car to get our tests I noticed the Sweet Autumn Clematis is just beginning to bloom. I always count it as one of the first harbingers of the end of summer. I also welcomed this little batch of Black Eyed Susans. See, sometimes when you just let things go there are some good things that arrive on their own.

Lastly, a couple of food pictures. The other night we were just two tired to cook so we took the last of the beautiful tomatoes Heather and Steve had given us and cut them up and put them on a plate. Then we sprinkled chickpea and feta cheese on top and finished it off with some of that smoked paprika/fennel/anchovy oil and a bit of fresh oregano.

Last night we weren’t up to using the grill so we just threw some chicken thighs in a 500 degree oven, with salt and pepper. We used the last of the rather limp cabbage with the leftover tomatoes and chickpeas and used a little of that fennel oil on top of the chicken when it was done. Ernie was not impressed with the bedraggled cabbage but I still liked it, and the chicken was perfect.

That’s all there is from this still sniffy girl. Onward.

4 thoughts on “A little better

  1. Hey Sniffy, Hope you feel 100% real soon!!! Those tomatoes look wonderful. Wish I’d been there.

    Love you,