I’m a little worried about Bob. Lately whenever he’s not in the media room hanging out with Ernie, he wanders the house crying. He’s got the saddest, softest little cry. I know he can’t see too well, although he can still see somewhat as Ernie caught him watching a fly meandering the room.

Is he disoriented? Is he lonely? Is he wondering if Rascal will reappear and attack him? He’s been to the vet recently and checked out fine although he’s in the early days of kidney disease.

We’re going to Maine (cross your fingers) in October and will be gone for two weeks. I’m worried about him during that time. Leo will be in charge, although Owen will come over for part of it when Leo is out of town, but that’s not the same as having his Ernie with him. At one point we thought about having Owen and Trinity take the cats but then we realized that would totally traumatize Bob. He’d be running into walls and getting attacked by Rascal. That won’t work.

So many people (and cats) to worry about.

On a brighter note, Owen was over last night doing more laundry (he and Trinity go through an amazing amount of clothes) and seeing all my boys hanging out in the dining room as Owen folded clothes did my heart good. Leo in his Enter Shikari shirt, Ernie in his Phil Lee shirt and Owen in his Ian Hunter shirt. They’re all such beautiful boys.

Let me know if you have ideas/thoughts about Bob.


oh, and side note: look how damned worn our floors are. I don’t think 12 years of house concerts has helped…

One thought on “Bob

  1. We have an old, blind cat and he wanders and cries very loudly. Our vet says it is normal for cats to vocalize more as they age. We tend to think he is echo-locating.