I had pondered what to have for dinner. I was thinking of a feta/watermelon/tomato salad, maybe with mint and basil. It would have been easy enough but I was feeling sort of crappy and Ernie wasn’t having a great day. So, we punted and had tomato sandwiches again.

Crazily enough, they were even better than the previous batch. The tomatoes had been sliced and salted the night before and we layered some extra sharp cheddar cheese in there. Ernie added mustard but I stayed true to my love of mayo and only mayo. A little salt and pepper, a diagonal slice and good God in heaven, or Good Lord A Mama, as Owen used to say (I think he was aiming for Thank God Almighty–it was around MLK day), they were stupendously good.

Amazing how much a sandwich can cheer you up.