I’m here, just quiet of late. I’ve been busy, spending much of last week in the office with meetings. It was great but it did make clear to me how much easier it is to manage my spinal stenosis from home. It’s really flared up and that wears me out so I’ve been tired. I also had a doctor appointment which of course leads to more doctor appointments and the thought of all that makes me tired in advance. We had Ernie’s quarterly appointment/bloodwork/injections. All was good there. I was a bit worried as he’s had considerably more pain of late. Oh, and somewhere in there we saw the surgeon about his back. Had I reported on that? I don’t recall. It was with the spine surgeon with all the Star Trek memorabilia in his office…an experience I assure you. He basically said, yeah, your spine is a mess. Could be lots of things, could be tumors elsewhere or in your brain but surgery won’t help. Gee, thanks. We didn’t really want surgery anyway.

So. There you have it. No news is good news, I suppose. My cooking abilities, well, perhaps not my abilities, but most certainly my practice of them, has gone to hell. When you see a picture of a good dinner on here, believe me, it’s an anomaly. Last night I had leftover sushi and Ernie had corn on the cob and tomatoes. Bob begged and begged until Ernie relented and gave him a cob.

Yesterday I developed a sore throat and now seem to have a bit of a cold. Trying to decide if I should go get tested.

I’m still very sad we had to cancel our house concert with Anana Kaye and Irakli Gabriel but I think it was the right decision. Sigh.

And now, some random pictures:

You know, I still miss his long hair sometimes, but my guy still has it. Lord, I love him.
Consult with the surgeon and all of his Star Trek minions.
One way to get the kids to come visit….tell them they had a package delivered. Trinity’s new scooter helmet.
When friends with gardens go on vacation!
more benevolence
We were walking in downtown the other day and I was feeling rather weary. I looked at those little weeds and had to stop and admire them. Look how damn hard they are working to grow. Rather inspiring if you think about it.

Oh, and one more thing. We had our traditional post oncology drink at Fries and Peanuts the other day. It was very late afternoon and I pulled out my phone, saying, “I should text Owen, maybe he’s getting off work soon and could come see us.” Ernie said, “Why?” I looked at him and say, “Why?” He said, “Yeah, why?” I said, “WHY?” He nodded and I said, “He’s MY SON!” He laughed and said, “I know, but you saw him yesterday, you don’t need to see him everyday.” I just looked at him in confusion, but I did put my phone away.


2 thoughts on “I’m here

  1. Dear me! You know I’m a Trekkie but that office is quite something. Reminds me of going to a Dr. in my 20’s and coming face to face with a 3-D picture of the Pope!!! Needless to say I never went back!!!! I just wasn’t ready for the Pope at that age. 😂😂😂 Oh, BTW, as much as I adore Ernie, you go right ahead and text Owen any time you want. You’re his MOTHER!!!!!!😃😃😃