I’ve been quiet here of late, other than the big Cyril news. No news is good news, I suppose. I had an up and down week of worry so I spent the weekend trying to just smooth myself out. I worked some on Saturday and then spent yesterday reading fluffy books, napping and watching a couple of movies with Ernie, a dash of MasterChef Australia and then tomato sandwiches for dinner.

I don’t buy gluten free sandwich bread too often because, eh. However, a tomato sandwich in the summer and a turkey sandwich after Thanksgivings are two necessities.

White bread. Hellman’s mayonnaise. Juicy slabs of garden tomatoes (thank you Steve and Heather). Kosher salt and ground pepper.


Look at these tomatoes: there’s no filter on there…they really are just that brilliant.

My cooking has been pretty dull, read: almost nonexistent, of late. I did make some rockfish that turned out pretty well. I cut it into chunks (I’m not sure why) and tossed it in a mix of cornstarch, Penzey’s sweet curry powder, and some salt and pepper. It crisped up pretty nicely. I don’t usually do fish that way so it was kinda fun. I think I overcooked it a bit but it was still a nice change. Another night we used leftover roast chicken to make chicken salad sandwiches (dressing of mayo/lime juice/curry powder on chicken and celery). The leftover roast chicken was from the night we desperately wanted to order out but forced ourselves to throw the chicken and some potatoes in the oven and it was delicious, so score one point for us. Another night we had frozen pizzas because we knew we weren’t going to cook and one evening, after I had a somewhat exhausting gynecology appointment, we gave in and ordered Papa Del’s. So, as always, you win some, you lose some.

I feel as though we’re all in limbo.

Ernie got his third vaccine shot.

Big Boy trip later this week.

Oh, and look who came for a visit!

Ok. Onward.