1. I went to bd at 7:45 last night. It was just that kind of day.

If my kids do something I don’t agree with I tend to blame myself for not raising them well. Even when they were little I would take it hard when they misbehaved, feeling as though I must have failed them for them to act that way. Now, I also just think about how much I must have tormented my mother in the same way.

Sorry, Mom.

2. We did actually cook dinner after successfully putting it off for three days (snacks one night, pizza one night, leftover pizza one night). One of my standard summer mixes of corn, zucchini, tomato, a jalapeño with a handful of basil and mint from the porch, plus a lamb chop. Oh, and some feta cheese was in there too.

3. The other day, as I left the house to go get an overdue mammogram (which turned out fine) I started down the front steps, only to let out a noise like some kind of wounded small animal. There was a snake at the bottom of the steps. While Ernie tried to figure out what was happening I tried to back up the steps and in doing so, somehow ended up falling UP the steps. Leo turned into the alley just as I was lying there draped across the steps. Ernie stamped his foot and I swear to God, that snake flicked his little tail as he slithered away. Leo came up the walkway and gave that slightly bemused smirk he sometimes saves for me. They finally assured me it was safe to get to the car so I scuttled away. Sigh.

4. We had a good Chuck sighting the other day. Chuck is our resident woodchuck who lives in the next yard over. It makes Ernie SO happy to see Chuck. He’s just beside himself with pleasure watching Chuck flop around in the grass. I remember one morning when David Olney and Sergio were getting ready to leave and they saw Chuck waddling down the sidewalk. Sergio took off following him. David shook his head and smirked, saying, “That poor thing is gonna be terrified when he sees him dressed like that.” They were headed to Byron’s so Sergio was in overalls with a tie-dyed shirt. I can see it clear as day. Actually, perhaps that was Chuck Senior. Who knows.

5. This weekend would have been our house concert with Anana Kaye and Irakli Gabriel, and it was the two year anniversary of the last time David Olney played here.

6. Back to full masking and feeling antsy about going out too much. Hopefully Ernie will be able to get the Moderna booster when it’s available.

Onward. Couldn’t sleep last night, so tiredly onward.

2 thoughts on “Random notes from the Sandwich Life

  1. I completely understand the snake thing!!!! He probably did flick his tail at you. Spiders ALWAYS wiggle one leg at you when they know you’re scared of them!!!!!

  2. Your opinion of snakes matches my sister-in-law’s. She doesn’t want to accidentally meet up with one. Then there was my boss’s wife. There was a time (90’s?) when snakeskin-print blouses and dresses were popular. Mrs. Boss was so scared of snakes that her husband had to look through the racks at the store and remove any snake-print stuff before she’d venture to take a look.