Yes, I know that shouldn’t be seen as a major accomplishment, but eh, times change, now don’t they?

This cold has me feeling just lousy enough to not be able to be comfortable. I can’t read, I can’t sleep. Yes, I’m whining. However, Hattie is curled up with me pretty consistently and I do love the little bedraggled thing. Ernie’s at the store and I think we’ll try to watch a movie or something when he gets back. Leo is out hunting trains and with no Owen, Trinity, Rascal or Daisy either, it’s pretty damn quiet. Not all bad I know, but just the same, quiet never feels as good when you don’t have a choice about it.

Last night we forced ourselves to cook and it took us all of 15-20 minutes and was really tasty. So why do I put it off so much lately? Damned if I know. We had some nice ground pork from Triple S. I browned it in a pan with some smoked paprika, red pepper flakes and salt and pepper while Ernie chopped half a small cabbage, a red pepper, a zucchini and some lovely tomatoes. I added all the vegetables and just cooked till the cabbage and zucchini were softened but still had some texture. We tossed it in bowls with a teensy bit of salt on top and it tasted so summery and fresh.

And that’s all this stuffy, cranky girl has for you. Onward.