I was so busy yesterday that I don’t feel that I got to properly enjoy all the stormy skies, lightning and thunder. I’d like to do it again, please.

I’m slowly climbing out from under this cold. I feel pretty much fine but am still utterly exhausted by the end of the day. Haven’t been this knocked out from a bug in a long time. Of course, masking and not going out for a year and a half helped, I suppose. I also stopped getting every cold and bug that came down the pike when I stopped eating gluten. I’m sure my doctor would say that has nothing to do with it, but that’s what happened. I get colds occasionally but they are usually pretty light. Doctors don’t always like my opinions.

I remember seeing a doctor’s notes once, after one of Ernie’s appointments, saying, “patient thinks this was caused by injection,” implying that we were idiots to think that. Well, gee doc, I don’t know…every time he gets that injection he develops an abscess at the site of the injection and he never gets them at any other time, soooo…. Even one of Ernie’s oncologists rolled his eyes at the other doctor’s comment. It’s a good thing we have a few doctors that we adore to keep us from hating them all.

My sole news item of note is that I made Ernie potato salad yesterday. Ok, I’ll admit, he peeled and cooked the potatoes. He boiled the eggs and peeled them. He chopped the celery. All I did was mix it all together with lots of Hellman’s mayo and some dijon mustard, salt and pepper. Somehow though, he still gives me credit for it. I make a totally plain Jane potato salad but I still love it. I’ve tried all sorts of fancy ones but we still come back to the classic. Now that I can’t have onion I use celery so you still have a bit of crunch. We could have ventured into our jungle for some chives, but it was pouring, so that was it.

Potato salad makes that man SO damn happy.

He’s sitting in the media room right now, watching an old Dick Van Dyke show and eating a leftover bowl of it.

I remember years ago, when we were out driving, we liked to listen to little rural radio stations (that most likely don’t exist any longer). We loved it when we’d find a call-in show with people sharing recipes or various things they had available to trade. Once, we listened in utter delight when somebody called in with their famous potato salad recipe. The radio host slowly repeated everything the caller said, as though he was writing it down for posterity. “So, you peel six potatoes and chop them up. Then you put them in cold water with a little salt and cook them just through. Then you boil some eggs, peel them and then you chop some onions.” Honestly, it was the same potato salad that half of America makes but that host repeated every line reverently as though it was the biggest culinary secret he’d ever head. My God, Ernie and I laughed and laughed and laughed. Even now, we can still bring each other almost to tears of laughter by saying, “So, you peel six potatoes…”

One thought on “So, you peel six potatoes

  1. I love inside “you had to be there” jokes between couples/ in families. Thanks for sharing. That totally made me smile.