The last few days before vacation: in which you try to get too many things done, and wonder if you’ll ever be adult enough to leave a clean house to come home to. Fortunately we leave the house and cats and plants under the care of the guys so that makes it easier.

Leo triumphantly arrived home late Sunday night courtesy his brother. I was all excited to talk to them but they were both falling asleep on their feet so we sent them to bed and home respectively. Yesterday we got to catch up with Leo. It sounds like the trip, the show, the friends, the AirBnB…everything went as well as it possibly could have. He is still floating—tired but happy—and wants to go back. I am so happy for him.

And now, in a new twist, I am posting not only pictures of my dinners, but the one Owen sent me last night after he made dinner for Trinity and himself. I tell you, it’s just ridiculous how much I adore these boys of mine.

THE MATTRESS IS HERE!! Now we’re waiting for Owen to come over and help Ernie get it upstairs and rolled out.

Too busy to write more…lots to finish up before we take off on Thursday. Wish us safe travels!!

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