It wasn’t a bad week, it wasn’t a long week, but I will still be happy to see the back end of Friday.

Would you like some random notes from my week? Why, SURE you would! I remember back in the infancy of blogging there were all sorts of articles on how to make your blog engaging and attract readers (I’ve never been very good at that). I can’t tell you how many times they said NOT to just write about what you ate. HA, I say to that, HA!

Last night we had bowls of ratatouille sprinkled with some feta cheese. We made the ratatouille a couple of days ahead because I like it that way. We cooked it down quite a bit so it’s not a pretty dish but oh, so delicious. I used tons of fresh basil and parsley in it, as well as some olives and capers.

I ordered a mattress. After listening to friends’ recommendations, a little obsessive googling and a dash of Consumer Reports, I went with an Avocadogreen one. Crossed fingers it gets here before too long because I’m tired of sleeping on the couch. It was a hell of a splurge but I want my baby comfortable.

It’s actually not all bad on the couch. I lie there, read a little and look at my lights. I sleep ok but it takes me eons longer to fall asleep than normal. And I miss my husband.

A few days back we roasted a boneless lamb shoulder and we overdid it. It was supposed to have been grilled and served rare. Well, things don’t always go to plan. However, it was still pretty good. Served with zucchini, cherry tomatoes and corn because it IS still summer. Oh, and despite it being overdone, the pan drippings were INCREDIBLE.

The next time I think we both were too tired to cook so we ate peanuts. The following night we just had salad greens with cherry tomatoes and slices of cold lamb. I made a vinaigrette from sherry vinegar, honey, olive oil, the last of the pan dripping and mustard. Pretty delightful and about 3 minutes work.

My head is all over the place these days. I’m switching antidepressants to see if that will help…maybe get my anxiety under control.

For now, it’s Friday afternoon. Onward.