I got all nervous about a test I had to get at Carle and now I’m exhausted from having it over and done with. It was one of those things where you need to have a full bladder and as the survivor of giving birth to a child with a head circumference off the charts (thank you, Leo), that’s just not fun. At least this time the tech didn’t remark that, given my age, my ovaries are the size of raisins. I mean, that’s just rude.

Although the weekend was all about the Big Boy, I did sneak a couple of sign pics in.

Ok, Trinity took this one. See? She gets me.
The TEX ILL Motel in Judsonia, AR. The old hotel is still back there covered in brush.

Last night? Well, to quote Adny Shernoff and Handsome Dick Manitoba:

Everybody’s hungry
I don’t know what to do
I used to live on pizza
Now I live on Chinese food


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