1. The weekend was a good one. I talked to Debbie each day and her speech is sounding much better and she is now in a rehab facility. She’s still got double vision and her balance is crazy from the stroke but she’s doing pretty good considering this all just happened the middle of last week. I know it will be a long road but Debbie is nothing if not strong. She and I are so grateful for the prayers and kind thoughts that have been sent her way.

2. Saturday morning we had the incredible treat of a visit from Ken Draznik and Jimmy Wald. The weather was perfect and we just sat outside and talked and talked and talked. Utterly glorious. Eighteen year old Cynthia just marveled at it all and 50-something Cynthia did too in a whole different way. I am so grateful for dear friends and bonds that don’t weaken and for laughter and music and shared memories and experiences. Thanks, guys. You truly did our hearts good (but damn it….did I take a picture? NO).

3. Later we stopped by Teri and Brian’s gorgeous back yard to wish Brian a happy birthday. As always they are the ultimate hosts so we snacked and drank and then they shared some perfectly grilled birthday steak. The mosquitos unfortunately banded together and decided to do some kind of sacrificial harvest of me so we eventually scooted off and I Benedryl-ed up which made the inside of my mouth feel like felt, but did help the itching. The afternoon was worth every welt though, every welt.

4. Sunday I woke up incredibly tired so I just gave in to it and took a long nap and read a book. I thought about making ratatouille but we punted and ordered pizza. We got a surprise visit from Owen (laundry day!) and Leo had a good day training so it felt like a good day for all of us. I woke up feeling much better this morning….although our mattress has turned on us and I think we’re in the market for a new one. There’s always something, huh?

5. It’s ratatouille season.

6. Ernie showing off cherry tomatoes in a Bull’s Eye with Fleur de Lys flint compote.

8. Jimmy Wald, here’s the video I mentioned to you the other day. Ernie and I went way down the Marty Stuart and Kenny Vaughan rabbit hole the other night. Such amazing stuff.

So now it appears to be Monday again. September is speeding by. Leo leaves for London in just a bit over a week. Can you imagine how anxious I’m going to be? Everybody think good thoughts for his travel and for the whole trip and for my nerves! We are on a countdown for our own trip to Maine. We leave on the 30th. And in honor of the passage of time: