Yup. Feeling very random these days. That’s not all bad, mind you. I’ve got a three day weekend coming up and it’s not as hot so I’m just going with it.

Leo came home from work last night and we looked at some of his shots from his trip and chatted. Later, Owen and Trinity stopped by to get some mail and their clean laundry. I hope they never get a washer and dryer. We’d just taken a tray of roasted Triple S chicken wings out of the oven so we sent them home with chicken, half a watermelon and a cast iron skillet, because, as I explained to Owen, EVERYONE should have a cast iron skillet. He also stole our cornmeal so he could make a batch of cornbread in it.

We sat down and enjoyed the rest of the wings and the best watermelon/tomato salad I’ve ever made. The watermelon was luscious. I mixed it with a chopped golden tomato, chopped basil and mint as well as a sprinkle of oil, sherry vinegar and salt and pepper. We let it sit in the refrigerator a bit and it was just heavenly.

We have spearmint popping up around our yard but this year I bought a plant for my porch window box and man, is it good. Sometimes the spearmint just isn’t that strong. This mint BRINGS it! I think it was called Swiss mint, if I’m not mistaken. It’s got a much stronger taste which I really enjoy. It was perfect in this salad. I almost added feta but skipped it as we were having it with chicken.

Sometimes I sit in my office and ponder why we still have the torn up shade that was on this window when we moved in before the boys were born. And yet, I never do anything about it.

Hmmmm. I forgot about this dinner. A Triple S smoked pork chop (if you’re gonna eat meat, you might as well eat the good stuff and they’re at the Tuesday farmers’ market downtown now), corn on the cob and fresh tomatoes. Sum, sum, summertime.

Bob in evening mode.

Ernie was VERY happy yesterday because he saw Chuck, our neighborhood woodchuck. Ernie LOVES Chuck. It’s always a good day when Chuck wanders around the neighbor’s yard. Yesterday Ernie was even musing about whether he could train Chuck to come when he’s called. I just laughed and laughed.

Oh, Ernie.

Oh, Chuck.


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