So I slogged through the rest of my workday. I didn’t feel like doing anything in the evening but we had plans to go out to Fries and Peanuts to celebrate Leo’s birthday at long last. We were out of town, as was he, on his birthday and we’d been struggling to find a time we could all get together. I knew it would make me feel better to go, so gather we did.

Leo drove and we met Owen and Trinity there. I said the hell with my usual salmon salad and had a Polish sausage and fries. It was delightful. Sitting there with my babies did me good.

Why, yes, Owen IS wearing a “greatest grandpa” sweatshirt
Some things DON’T change. The hand.

We hugged Owen and Trinity goodbye and then Leo drove us home. It was raining, he was playing old New Order loudly and he and Ernie were chatting. I just sat in the back seat and looked at the rain and the lights and tried to let it all soak in.

Thanks for the kind words and thoughts.


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