As I was standing in front of the elevator in the South Clinic today, I just wanted to call my mother.

How do you celebrate your 33rd wedding anniversary (yes, it’s our vinyl anniversary)? Ideally not by seeing a urologist for a consult about Ernie’s new mystery tumor which is fucking up a kidney. Kidney surgery to be scheduled. MRI next week to get more detail on the tumor because it’s just floating around in his pelvis not attached to bone which is weird for prostate cancer. Then, driving home on this gray, dreary day, we found that our beloved, and inspiring, Eric Jakobsson had passed last night from prostate cancer.

Onward, but sometimes it’s hard.

This is from Ernie’s birthday, the last time we saw Eric, in which he and Naomi read a poem to Ernie. We are sending SO much love to Naomi and all their family. Just heartbroken.

2 thoughts on “Mama said there’d be days like this

  1. so much love to you all (including Naomi and all). Have I ever told you how much I love that you wore red to your wedding?

  2. Oh that’s sad news about Eric.

    And that’s not the kind of news anyone wants to hear regarding Ernie. Dang

    So glad you two have each other- Happy Anniversary!