I guess we’d never wandered up North Lubec Road before. I tend to think of all the commercial buildings for Lubec as being in the downtown, but there, to my surprise, tucked in amongst houses, was a gorgeous commercial building.

But look, a little bit of Midwest! Evansville, IN!

It turns out it was the Lawrence Brothers Store, operated by the Lawrence Canning Company. Of course sardine and herring canneries were the economic engine for Lubec for many years.

From Mainememory.net:

The Lawrence Brothers Store on North Lubec Road. Built in 1898 according to the Lubec “Herald Magazine Supplement” for December, 1899, which wrote that the store was “filled with the latest assortment of goods…” and “during the busy season, their large business requires the services of six and eight clerks.” Signs above doors read, left to right, DRY GOODS, OFFICE, GROCERIES. The grocery store window includes a crude hand-lettered sign reading, “Boston Premier Tea A ? with each package.” Note utility poles, fire hydrant, and group of boys sitting on porch wearing caps.

One of my favorite finds of the trip.