Now to continue my completely scattered and out of order stories of our trip to Maine.

After our stop at Chris’ Chuckwagon Diner we sped off…we were headed to Old Orchard Beach that night. I have a soft spot for Old Orchard Beach. When I was a kid I would hear it advertised on my grandparents’ radio station while we were having cocktail hour (I got ginger ale). I always thought it sounded SO exotic but it never occurred to me that I could have asked my parents to take me. Years later, when Ernie and I were in Maine to do some antique buying we stopped at some wonderful little roadside cabins along Route 1 and I saw from the materials in the room that we were a stone’s throw from Old Orchard Beach. I was beside myself. We went and gloried in the beach and the lights and the rides…had a drink at the Pier Patio Pub and watched a cover band. I was in love.

A few years past that, my parents were on a trip in Maine and couldn’t get into their favorite Route 1 hotel (man, booking motels was a different animal back in those pre internet days) and were directed to a beachside motel in Old Orchard Beach. They called me in utter delight. Later we stayed there many times, even overlapping with my folks one time.

Of course, now my parents are long gone, we stopped going to OOB, starting renting little houses near the beach as the boys got older. The motel is owned by someone else now. Old Orchard Beach was reportedly revived, with train service and a big new condo building. Every time we drive through there is less neon, less left of what we remember of Old Orchard Beach.

One of the last neon signs left.

My soft spot remains, though, so when I had to find a place to stop in southern Maine, I thought it might be nice to stay there. It’s not exactly a mecca of chain motels but I found a place that looked pretty nice.

We got there a bit late and a good bit tired. You had to check in and park across the street…it was a tad confusing. We finally got into our room and realized that our two beds were Murphy beds. There was a small tv in between them which you could only see if you sat opposite on the futon-esque couch. The sheets had tears here and there. Ernie was NOT enthralled. He doesn’t always appreciate my choice of small motels. Ok, it was a bit iffy.

It was just about dusk so we headed down to the water and found some chairs to sit on. He went back to the room and grabbed some drinks for us.

We sat and watched the sun go down, it was just lighting a bit of Prout’s Neck to gold when we got there and we sat and enjoyed the water, watching people and dogs, until it got dark.

The next day we found a good breakfast spot in Saco. There was an old diner in Biddeford that looked cool but was kinda upscale and I realized that one of our basic diner breakfasts: two eggs overeasy, hash browns, sausage, no toast, coffee for Ernie and tea for me would have cost us $16 each. Eh, I just couldn’t do it. We were pleased with the place we found. Side note: more sausage links in this part of the country.

We headed to Lubec. It was a gray day but we didn’t mind.

Interstate for a while, then onto smaller highways, as we cut East.
I posted a different picture of this building in Troy, Maine on my Instagram and somebody commented, “Our beautiful grange hall, I have such good childhood memories of activities there.” ❤️

Eventually we got to Lubec.

We made it. We’d been missing this for a long time.