Man, I have written so many blog posts in my head. Unfortunately, I’ve been too off grid (well, my version of it) because of vacation, and since then, too busy and a bit under the weather. I’m having a real flare of some my stomach/back issues. I’ve always said that aging is not for the weak, but I used to say it about my parents, not ME!

So, for now, a few random pics

I will love record store boys til the day I die. A small Record Service reunion at the memorial for Morgan Usadel. It was a lovely event with many friends, beautiful music and thoughtful, loving words about Morgan. Thanks to all that put it together, and our love to Chu, Gabe and family.

Jeff Evans, Phil Strang, Pat Dailey, Ernie and Dean Patterson

I actually cooked dinner the other night. Ok, all I did was sear some scallops and put them on salad greens, but STILL! I’ve decided that the only way to sear scallops (unless you get the expensive dry ones but damn those are expensive. Last year on my birthday I splurged and ordered large, dry scallops [so no preservatives]. They were something like $35 a pound and you know what? They were good. Fine. Worth $35 a pound? Eh) anyway, the only way to sear them is to get the pan screaming hot and sear them quickly. We dried them off and let them sit in the refrigerator to dry out a bit before cooking them. Salted them, seared them, turned them, added about half a tablespoon of butter which got nicely browned and tossed it all a bit. Finished it with a heavy dusting of black pepper. SO freaking good. Even Ernie, who isn’t always the biggest fan of scallops, absolutely loved it.

Nasturtiums just adore October.

Dinner last night. Not stellar but not bad. Some jasmine rice with sauteed Swiss chard stems and greens (with red pepper flakes and mustard seeds) on top and and an egg. Oh, and there was one piece of Triple S bacon in there too. It’s so thick you only need one slice!