I brought my laptop on vacation. I thought I might use it for photos and perhaps posting on here sporadically. However, we left on a Thursday and I didn’t even give it a thought until the following Friday when I needed it for something. We looked and looked and finally discovered we’d never even taken it out of the car. That’s exactly how our vacation was. I never looked at email, I didn’t look at any work stuff…I didn’t even take many pictures. It seemed as though I literally could feel physical bits of stress rolling off my shoulders. And every time as low tide (my favorite) approached, more rolled off. It did our hearts so much good.

The place we stayed was great. We knew it would be as we’ve stayed at other properties by this owner. It was a loft space in a garage/shed kind of building. The balcony looked out directly at the water.

In keeping with the pace of our vacation, I didn’t cook quite as much or as elaborately as I sometimes do, but it felt right.

We got there as it was getting dark on Sunday. We’d stopped at the Lubec IGA and picked up some food. We were too tired too cook but I gotta say, the frozen pizzas were delightful. Breakfast on the balcony with leftovers was even better.

That night we went out for a drink. Most of the restaurants are open only VERY limited hours. We went to Cohill’s which has always been our favorite spot for a drink but the vibe from one of the owners was kind of weird. The view was still gorgeous though.

Afterwards we went home and had zucchini and haddock. Lord, I love haddock. I just put a bit of gluten free flour, salt and pepper on the fish and sautéed it…and pretty much did the same with the zucchini, except for adding some red pepper flakes. Man, sometimes the simplest is so. damn. good.

The next day we picked up some lobsters in town. We cooked them ahead and then I made a coconut curried rice (ok, well, Ernie and I made it), put the lobster on top, with some parsley puree. And yes, we sat in front of the tv because it was dark and we felt like it.

There was some leftover lobster so the next morning we had what I consider to be our best meal of the trip. Lobster BLT’s for breakfast. OMG. The tomatoes were super tomato-y, we had gluten free bread, bacon and lettuce, so we thought, why not? They were absolutely amazing! And again, simple. Toast, mayo, salt, pepper, tomato slices, bacon and lobster. Messy and delicious. I highly recommend trying one.

Ernie had to have chicken at some point so the next night we roasted a whole chicken, threw some sweet potato chunks and smoked paprika in the pan and had it with salad greens. It was fine, but probably my least favorite of the week. Perhaps not surprisingly, I didn’t even photo document it.

We got lobsters again the next night and these were big guys. I didn’t do them the way my grandpa did because it calls for crackers…I guess I could have used my gf bread but that didn’t sound right. We just did plain steamed lobster, some potato chips and a bit of salad just because it seemed wrong not to have anything green. Mostly we just ate lobster. These were the HARDEST lobster shells I have ever tried to crack. I gave up and had Ernie do some of them for me. It was also one of the best lobsters I’ve ever had!

The last night I’d planned to buy haddock again, but the lobsters from the night before were so big that we had a lot leftover. We also had leftover curried rice so we just had a redo and I think it was even better than the first time. Plus, I remembered to add the peas this time.

That was pretty much the extent of my cooking. We did go to the Waco diner in Eastport for breakfast (our beloved Happy Crab wasn’t open until much later) because we had to stop and get some Raye’s Mustard (highly recommended). I even convinced Ernie to let me buy him a hoodie!!

Lots more to come but that’s my cooking report!

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