Remember when Ernie went to AmericanaFest in Nashville without me and the house started to shut down? The refrigerator, the dishwasher, the dryer?

Well, something similar is going on, except it’s not the house, it’s me. I’m losing my cooking abilities. The other day I burned a batch of beautiful Triple S chicken wings. I gnawed at a few. Ernie just looked at me in disbelief. Last night I had some beautiful haddock from Cheese and Crackers and I overcooked it to death. Now mind you, it still tasted good but damn, what’s happening to me?

This is the first Halloween that we had no pumpkins on our steps, no Indian corn (what’s the appropriate term for this now?) on our door, no candy corn or candy pumpkins in a bowl on the mantel.

I guess it’s just stress and being busy. When we got back from Maine I didn’t feel well for about a week and between that and work being busy and hell, everything else…things just don’t seem quite right.

We’ve given up on trick or treaters. Not many come down our side street (especially without our beloved Jeff and Gail’s Halloween displays) and even if they do they tend to miss us as we’re tucked back further than the rest of the street. I used to line our mantel with a row of tiny candy pumpkins too. Next year.

Despite the fact that the fish was overcooked and falling apart, it made a great breakfast over the carrot salad (grated raw carrot with a lemon-mustard vinaigrette and some fennel seed [out of cumin seed] best when it’s sat awhile), both of them warmed up a bit. Yes, I know fish for breakfast isn’t for everyone but it works for me.

Last night’s falling apart haddock with carrot salad and spinach

Onward. Hopefully to better cooking.