I’m never going to get all my Maine thoughts onto this page (uh, screen). So I am just going to throw a bunch of random shots at you because it will make me happy to look through them. Please bear with me.

Tuesday, we spent a good four hours or so getting Ernie his MRI. He got the fancy new MRI machine though (yes, we were in the MRI Suites which at least sounded impressive) and said it was better. Still needed Xanax though. It was a long wait in the waiting room. I sat there so long that the woman at the desk started offering a glass of water every so often. Why did I say no? I was thirsty.

Anyway, here are a few random pictures:

In Old Bennington, Vermont….reportedly not abandoned, the family that used to run the hotel still lives there…
Nice diner but I’m not crazy about all the kitschy stuff.
Ok, I did like this.
When we got to Little Falls, NY on Columbus Day EVERYTHING was closed. Drove to the next town over and found this place.
It ended up being perfect. The guy sitting next to us was playing loud country and rock and roll and bought us a drink. It was pretty delightful and we got some food to take back to the hotel.
We stayed on the third floor of an old stone mill.
I could hear the sound of the water making its way over the rocks all night long.
Old Grange Hall in Norridgewock, Maine, complete with American flag in the window