Ernie and I were almost embarrassed by ALL the Facebook likes and comments on my post that his surgery went well. I posted it there because honestly…we were both so utterly exhausted (Ernie more than me of course) and I knew I needed to let some folks know and I just couldn’t think straight, so off to Facebook, I went. Thank you so much to all for the good thoughts. They really are an incredible cushion for us.

It all went well but it just makes for a long day. I’d had a hell of a week for other reasons and we were just kind of dreading this day. He’d gotten a midday slot so I thought I would have time to eat breakfast and do a bit of work first. Somehow it all went to hell over confusion about times, however, so we rushed out of the house and headed over. We went to the new entrance and then walked all the way over to the old entrance to go to registration. That went quickly so then we had a bit of extra time.

We sat in a line of chairs in the lobby or ex-lobby or whatever it is. I had the strangest feeling that I was in a Lego set of sorts. I felt like somebody could just pop my little chair out and move it somewhere else. Ernie looked at his phone and I just stared ahead at the grey sky. Eventually, we set off back to the new entrance and then up to the surgical floor.

I must say, they really have the waiting room thing down. We found a spot and they texted me when Ernie should go back, then about an hour later they texted me that I could go back and sit with him. I trudged back to pre-op with the little map they gave me and found Ernie. We sat and chatted, said nothing and then chatted again. The surgeon came in and said that he hoped they could manage what we’d discussed but you never know until you get in there, and that of course there was still the option of going in through his back and leaving him with a bag, something Ernie is not enthusiastic about. Ernie was a bit drugged up already so he kinda shrugged but I freaked out a bit. I hadn’t been that worried until then.

Then it was time for him to go so I picked up the bag of all his clothes and his shoes, and my coat and his coat and my laptop bag (WHY do I always think I’m going to get work done and bring my laptop? WHY?) and my phone and my thing of iced tea and headed back to the waiting room. I felt like a pack mule and realized midway that I was wearing a skirt that was too long so I was almost tripping over it. I ended up scuttling to a chair in the waiting room, shuddering to think what I looked like doing it.

His procedure was quick, which was nice. They texted me and sent me to a consultation room. The surgeon came in, sat down, looked at me for a second, and said, “Success!” My head almost dropped to my knees in relief. We chatted for a minute and then I scuttled with all my stuff back to my chair. Another 45 minutes or so they texted me that I could go back. I trudged back to Post-op 2 and wandered through the maze of camo green padded curtains until I found Ernie, sitting up and waiting for black coffee and graham crackers.

Eventually, I took off to get the car and found a spot outside the circle entrance. Evidently, it doesn’t take nearly as long to get a car as it does a wheelchair. I sat there watching all the activity around me. Sadly, the new circle seems just as chaotic as the old one did. Of course, it doesn’t help that it’s filled with food trucks at lunchtime and shuttle buses and then the people that just park their cars there. Eh, I’m a grumpy old person. Ernie and I texted back and forth for a while and finally, he arrived. I was so glad to get him into the car. I asked if he needed me to stop and pick up anything but we both agreed…HOME.

We left the house a bit after 9 am and got home about 3 pm I think. Not at all bad in the scheme of things but man oh man, were we happy to be home and have it over. The only problem is that these stents need to be changed every six months. Oh, I haven’t even said what he had done. Great writing, Cynthia! The new tumor in his pelvis has pinched the ureter to his kidney, which will cause it to back up and damage the kidney. Options were to leave him functioning with one kidney, put in a stent to drain the kidney, or go through the back and have a drainage bag. Option B it was, and so glad it worked.

The week of Thanksgiving he goes in for his radiation consult.