A few months ago I saw that our beloved Aaron Lee Tasjan was playing at Schuba’s in Chicago. It definitely tugged at my heartstrings but I knew it wouldn’t work for us. I mentioned it to Owen however, so he and Duncan and Trinity went and I can’t tell you how delighted I was.

We must have seen a million and a half shows at Schuba’s (and Gaspar’s before that). When we were still in Chicago it was primarily Schuba’s and Fitzgerald’s that were booking the shows we liked. Later it opened up more, but we were down here in CU at that point. But Schuba’s…Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Kevin Welch and Kieran Kane, Billy Joe Shaver, the Mavericks, Todd Snider, BR-549, Jason and the Scorchers (complete with booth reserved for Mr. and Mrs. Ringenberg). It was that era. Lots more too, but those are off the top of my head.

There’s something affirming about Owen exploring places we used to go. I can’t quite explain it but it makes me happy.

Owen came by yesterday after dropping Trinity at work and ohhhh, he was flying high. He said after the show Aaron saw him and Duncan and gave Owen a big hug and said…WAIT FOR IT….”How are your folks?” OMG, I was positively giddy with pleasure when Owen told me that. I don’t know how on earth Aaron can remember so many people…it was back in 2016 that he played here but then of course we’ve seen him since then as often as we can. He is the kindest of souls on top of his musical brilliance. Well, that and his fashion sense and his smile, etc., etc.

They stood and talked, Owen introduced Trinity. Listening to him tell us about it, I finally said, “You found your people, didn’t you?” And he said, “YES!” I understood exactly how he felt. You don’t get it with all musicians you like but sometimes there are certain ones where you realize you are part of the same tribe, for whatever reason. It doesn’t mean you know them intimately, but somehow, you just get each other. Or, as David Olney explained…sometimes you turn around and think, “oh, there you are,” because you feel like you already know them.

The encore, with Erica Blinn and Tristen (the openers, whom Owen loved)

Onward. Onward to my boys finding their people. To all of us finding our people.

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